Why Brisbane is considered a good place to be a stripper? Strippers

Why Brisbane is considered a good place to be…

Canberra may have politics, Melbourne may have coffee, and Sydney may have a harbour teeming with sharks, but for some inexplicable reason, Brisbane has the greatest strip clubs. That’s right, sunny Brisbane may lack the cultural treasures of, say, a tub of Yoplait, but what it lacks in pompous settings that require attendees to sit in milk crates, it more than compensates for in the pretty strippers Brisbane features.

And there is plenty of it.

Whether you’re looking for a fantastic location for an upcoming buck’s, want to let off some steam with the boys from the mid-level brokerage company, or simply want to see some good old-fashioned tit, here’s our full list to Brisbane’s top strip clubs.

Honey B’s

Honey’s B’s, dubbed “Brisbane’s sweetest strip club” and located just around the corner from Suncorp Stadium, is the place to be if you’re looking for some of the best strippers Brisbane features following the game. With cool drinks and attractive ladies, it’s a fairly fantastic location for some R-rated fun and friendly service, making it one of Brisbane’s top strip clubs.

Love & Rockets

With two sites in Fortitude Valley and Petrie Terrace, Love & Rockets is a Brisbane institution that never fails to deliver when the boys are in the mood for a night of revelry and raunch. Open till late and with a variety of private rooms, Love & Rockets is a great time for any occasion and is undoubtedly one of Brisbane’s top strippers.

OMFG Adult Lounge

With a name like OMFG Adult Lounge, you can be certain of some irreverent entertainment. With lap dances starting at just $10 for one minute (yes, you can get naked for the price of a clean Pavarotti), “more Grey Goose & Johnny Walker than you can count” (according to their website), and a massive selection of some of the best strippers Brisbane has, OMFG is a must-visit if you’re looking for Brisbane’s best strip clubs.

Minx Gentlemen’s Club

Minx, located on sunny Elizabeth St, is similar to any other strip club in Brisbane, but with the added bonus of a glass spa bath. Three of Minx’s beautiful employees will get into said spa bath and splash around in a most scandalous manner for your enjoyment for the correct fee. What an idea. Click here to read about Why waxing is an important part of your Central Coast stripping profession.


Showgirls is open daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located near the majority of Brisbane’s top hotels. It features a very unique “lazy-Susan” type stage and bills itself as “the aortic valve of the Brisbane CBD; are you ready for us to get your blood pumping?”

We can only hope they compensated the wordsmith in lapdances.

Apart from the dubious physically bogus analogies, Showgirls is usually a good time and unquestionably one of Brisbane’s greatest strip clubs as you’ll find some pretty strippers Brisbane features.

The Candy Club 

Where can you take a dawn, sprinkle it with dew, coat it in chocolate, then sprinkle it with a few miracles? To be sure, The Candy Club Can. The Candy Club, located in Fortitude Valley, is the ideal place for a great night out with access to VIP booths, private rooms, and lots of spaces to explore, making it one of the finest strip clubs to visit on your next visit to Brisbane.

Vixen Gentleman’s Bar & Lounge

A list of Brisbane’s top strip clubs would be incomplete without include “Vixen”. As the host venue for the “Miss Slip and Slide” pageant–a highlight of the Brisbane events calendar for the city’s most discriminating cognoscenti–Vixen is a genuine Mecca of TTA, with smiles and glitter aplenty from the minute one enters.

The Cabaret Nightclub

With over 100 ladies available at any given time, The Cabaret Nightclub is one of Brisbane’s largest strip joints, with three bars, three levels of entertainment, and several private rooms. Additionally, its website touts a “tantalizing main stage on the lower level… where you can see one of our world-famous $5 lap dances.”

Magic Men Brisbane

If you’re perusing the list in search of something a little more manly, you’ve come to the right place with Magic Men Brisbane. The all-male revue provides some sensual drink and dance packages that are ideal for a hen’s night or a night out with a few pals. This institution of superb male strippers is located in the heart of Fortitude Valley, and it has sensual dances, a spectacular performance, and some eye-catching costumes.

Confidential Club

Have you ever sat in a vinyl wingback stage-side, gazing up at the obligatory pole taking pride of place in the center of the stage, sipped a long, refreshing sip of your $12 Corona while gazing up at the pair of bolt-ons jiggling in front of your eyes, and thought, “I feel like eating a surf ‘n turf right now.” Confidential Club has everything a decent gentleman’s club should have, including a restaurant. You may even have the pretty strippers Brisbane has join you for dinner if you like.

Add in the regular poker games and you’ve got one of Brisbane’s top strip clubs.

Eye Candy Adult Bar

Candy for the Eyes Adult Bar’s website boasts “Hot bikini beauties aplenty” and “Brisbane’s best buck’s night,” and we can’t see why it wouldn’t be a fantastic time. Open from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. six days a week and centrally located in Brisvegas, this is definitely one to add to your list if you’re in town and seeking to swap cash for a flash of flesh. Eye Candy is Brisbane’s most entertaining strip club.

Player’s Brisbane

Player’s Brisbane asserts itself as the city’s oldest established Gentleman’s Club, which is no small achievement given the vast number of them. Players is conveniently located on the junction of Edward and Mary Streets, near to the CBD and Eagle St Pier Restaurants, if you’re looking for a fine dinner choice for you and the crew before a few naughty lapdances. Player’s is another of Brisbane’s iconic strip clubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Brisbane strip clubs are the best?

Love & Rockets, EyeCandy, The Caberet Club, and Honey Bs are just a few of Brisbane’s top strip clubs.

Are Brisbane’s strip clubs licensed to sell alcohol?

Numerous Brisbane’s top strip clubs provide both full bars and private dances with complete nudity.

Which strip clubs in Brisbane provide food?

Only the Confidential Club and the all-male revue Magic Men provide food and eating choices among the remaining strip clubs.

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