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Numerous wartime slang terms was adaptations otherwise jocular pronunciations…

Numerous wartime slang terms was adaptations otherwise jocular pronunciations regarding French words

Partridge implies that it was used in the services a bit prior to Industry Conflict We, and regularly got a sexual meaning, implying that individual sought for try which have a lady

This was good jocular play on the fresh initials of the Army Solution Corps, new corps responsible for path transport trailing the contours. Friend Sloper is good pre-combat comic book profile who had been something from a beneficial buffoon. The latest Armed forces Solution Corps is the goal of a few indicated humour while they was indeed thought by infantry and you can guns due to the fact viewing an excellent spend and you can cousin comfort and you may safeguards. Other adaptation with the Army Solution Corps’ initials is actually the newest Military Cover Corps. For the The second world war, there is certainly a greatest song on the army, ‘Friend Sloper’s Cavalry’:

This play on the latest Egyptian Arabic keyword ‘magnoon’ meaning ‘crazy’ is just attested when you look at the Digger Dialects which glossary. The phrase ‘magnoon’, which is attested both in And you can and Partridge. Partridge notes that it was active on the late 19th century, but try particularly popular with Australian troops in the Community Conflict We.

*Annie (1) ‘Soft Annie’ – a large German Howitzer, and this fired towards Bailluel, during the March and you can April, 1918. (2) ‘Upwards in Annie’s Room’, facetious cure for issues as to what whereabouts of someone which can not be discovered. (3) Annie out of China.

Some of the large firearms of one’s adversary were given like nicknames. Soft Annie have to have started a specific one which the fresh new Australian troops was basically well-acquainted having for a little while in 1918.

The newest etymology for the is undecided. It actually was preferred within the Business Combat I and that is similar to the fresh new response strung with the wire since a treatment for a good matter concerning your whereabouts of someone. Read more “Numerous wartime slang terms was adaptations otherwise jocular pronunciations regarding French words”